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Telenabler is a global Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE).


Our mission is to enable companies that want to use the strength of their brand to launch and operate MVNOs, providing mobile telephony, broadband or land-line services.

We are specialists dealing with many different country-specific telecom legislations and we work together with some of the strongest telecommunication partners in the world.

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Our competitive edge is the experience and tools created by the more than 150 successful MVNOs launched to date.


Telenabler is part of Limitless Mobile Group.


Secure and fast connection through fixed line via most reliable Operators.

  • 10 to 100 Mbit
  • DSL and WiFi routers
  • End user installation

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Fixed line

Fixed line services for voice call, alarms and Premium Services, supported on all technologies.

  • PSTN
  • ISDN

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Mobile Services

Best coverage and most reliable network including possibility for rerouting of international traffic.

  • GSM, 3G,  LTE/4G
  • Content & Premium Services
  • Mobile Broadband

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Iot & M2m

We provide specialist M2M cellular connectivity, network services and self-service management tool:

  • OSS/BSS and Front End
  • SIM cards & IMSI pools
  • Customized APN and utilities

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Managed Services

Solutions for all project sizes

About Us

Telenabler offer a huge palette of Managed Services.


You can select one, or more individually, or the full palette...all depending what match your business needs best.

Our solutions are all tailor made to fit in to all project sizes.


Whatever you come from a sale channel and what to strengthen your brand, or a full MVNO, only needing access to radio network, we have it all.

Telenabler is a part of Limitless Mobile Group.


We are, and have, operated on European, American, South American and Asian markets for the last +14 years, launching more than 150 projects successfully.