Country: Denmark

MVNO Name:

Area: Mobile, ADSL, Fixed line & MBB

Country: Denmark

MVNO Name: Telebonus

Area: Mobile, ADSL, Fixed line & MBB


'Ældre Sagen' is an organization for elderly people in Denmark.

The brand for 'Ældre Sagen', which is called '', was launched in 2012. Site for, click here.


It is an alternative telco provider to members of Ældre Sagen. It gives to the members an opportunity to save up to 20 %.


Initially, only Fixed line was offered, which later on was expanded into Mobile services and Internet services. The last years Handset and TV services has been added.


Telenabler operates for: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Call Center – out of which the essential is the 1st line Customer Care Service. Serving Elderly people demands a dedicated staff and often patience.


How it works:

Telenabler provides a full platform used for everything from Telco integration: Fixed, Internet and Mobile. All aspects of customer handling: homepage, order entry, self- service, order handling, billing, collection, call center etc.


Network integration:

All network services are handled in the platform. Seamless integration secures possibility to integrated further services: VoIP, SIP MVNO, handset, devices etc.


In this sense is ready for providing even more services to the members of Ældre Sagen.


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Forbrugsforeningen -


Forbrugsforeningen is the largest purchasing cooperative with 280,000 cardholders in more than 210,000 households. 280.000 payment cards places. Forbrugsforeningen is the second largest payment card provider in Denmark.


Recipient of the service

The brand Telebonus was launched in 2014 – as an alternative telco provider to members of – accumulating savings for the participants of the program. Initially Fixedline, later Mobile services and Internet services were added.


Telenabler operates Telebonus for Sales & Marketing, Operations and 1st line customer care services.


How it works

Telenabler provides a full platform used for everything from Telco integration: Fixed, Internet and Mobile. All aspects of customer handling: homepage, order entry, self-care platform, order handling, billing and call center etc.  Collection is handled by Forbrugsforeningen via their credit card.


Network integration

All network services are handled in the platform. Seamless integration secures possibility to integrated further services: VoIP, SIP MVNO, handset, devices etc.


In this sense Telebonus will gain of even more services in the future.


Country: Sweden

MVNO Name: Teleco AB

Area: Mobile, Fixed line & MBB

Country: Sweden

MVNO Name: +46

Area: Mobile, Fixed Line & MBB


Teleco was founded in 2010. The mission statement was to provide a service that everyone in Sweden already used but a part of the turnover would go to charity. Through efficient and cost-conscious choices, we succeeded in keeping our prices affordable and at the same time manage to donate a huge part of the turnover to organizations with a clear focus; to make it better for the world's poorest and at the same time protect the environment. We have throughout the years collaborated with various tree planting organizations, since 2013 we have chosen Trees for the Future as a partner.


Our most sold service is mobile telephony, we also offer mobile broadband and fixed line services. In addition to the charity, we have ambitious goals of having Sweden's most satisfied customers - we have Sweden's best customer service with an average response time of less than 30 seconds. Also, we can take pride in being the only operator with zero complaints to the regulating organization; Konsumentverket (as of 2020-01-01).


Telenabler has been helping since the beginning with know-how and billing/CRM system.



+46 is a mobile operator focused on small business customers, the company launched its services in 2012 and has since that had a steady and stable growth rate.


Customers are very satisfied with +46 easy access and fast handling when it comes to customer service issues.


Some of the success factors is smart bundling with hardware thanks to a strong financing solutions and flexible billing functionality. Even the mobile network (Tele2) is much appreciated and is also named Sweden's best 4G network.


Telenabler has had the pleasure to be involved from the start and are operating the systems regarding billing, provisioning, CRM, number porting, technical support and SIM cards logistic.


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Country: Poland


Area: Mobile services

Country: Brazil

MVNO Name: In general

Area: M2M


Recipient of the service

This service is dedicated to all Call Centers that would like to present a mobile number in outbound calls, handled by their Call Center.

More and more people ignore incoming calls, displayed with a traditional fixed number. People are more likely to answer the call if a mobile number is being presented.

Back then, the problem was that Call Centers could not use mobile devices, since this solution had too many limitations, such as only one simultaneous call per number and no reports available.

Telenabler came with a solution for this. What we offer is the same functionality as in a fixed line, but with mobile numbers.


How it works

What we do is a simple integration between Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and Call Center PABX. It is SIP Trunk integration.  It works for both outbound and inbound calls.

In this solution we don’t use physical SIM cards, but a virtual iccid and IMSI.


Outbound calls

All Outbound calls are initiated from an IP-device, such as Lync client and the user’s Mobile numbering.

A call is sent via SIP Trunk to Mobile Switching Center and then terminated normally by a network operator at any network.


Inbound calls

All Inbound calls made to specified MSISDN range are routed on MSC to Call Center via SIP Trunk and being terminated at Call Center PABX.


Network integration

The network connectivity between the Mobile Switching Center and Call Center system can be established via Internet. This is the easiest way to build interconnection and recommended for piloting. Both ends open a Public IP-address and necessarily ports for interconnections. To sustain a high availability, it is recommended to have two different connections and IP addresses in use, for piloting this is optional.

Optionally we can connect using dedicated VPN.



Mobile M2M market in Latin America

While observing trends on the telecommunication market, we can see that Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is now moving into the mainstream and will continue to be adopted in a broader range of industry verticals.


Telenabler can see a huge potential in the Latin America market for M2M. Only in Brazil, there were 3.5 million cars sold in 2014, with a potential for OEM embedded connectivity and applications. Total M2M lines in service in Brazil in 2015 was estimated for 11.5 milling, according to Frost Sullivan, which gives 3.5% of total connections in Brazil.

Mobile Network Operators in Brazil are beginning to expand their portfolios for vertical solutions since changes in taxation policy are making new applications more attractive.


Recipient of the M2M service

This service is dedicated to all customers dealing in the area of Automotive (fleet management, telematics and connected car services), Financial (e.g. card payment point-of-sale terminals) and Utilities devices (electricity smart metering).


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