Already at the very early stage of the project, Telenabler can provide a Customer with:

Business Base

Developing a business case based on years experience in launching mobile services in different regions of the world. We will provide you with a clear overview of Capex and Opex.

Guided workshops

New project in an organization always give a resource constraint on the right resource – using guided workshops gives a limited time spent on products, pricing models, processes and implementation approach.

Product Management

Analyse data, learning and optimizing of your business.


Telco products tends to change over time, so you need to be observant on the market to adopt. Loyalty comes by taken care of your customers, analyzing their usage and securing they have the right product.

Sales & Marketing

Start selling a new product in an organization needs advice and guidance. Our experience captured with many different markets and organization will secure a good starting point and input to a mutual success

Likewise, marketing is crucial – using existing channels, leverage on existing customer database and using online media, is needed in today telco business.


Understanding the financial aspects in telco can be a challenge, we assist in this process and provide you with reports giving an overview to control.

Education & Training

We educate our customer and overtime required skills is present in the organization for eventually running the telco project.


Telenabler can provide 1st, 2nd or/and 3rd line level support for Customers.


The Operation department at Telenabler is staffed with highly trained representatives and can provide full support. This assistance can consist of:

  • Email support for general technical issues,
  • Helpdesk telephone support for urgent issues,
  • Access to the Telenabler’s trouble ticketing system.

Customer on-boarding

Implementing a new project in an organization with existing processes – needs an overview and right decisions to obtain the right result. We assist in this securing the right decisions is made in time.


When implemented platform, processes overtime need maintenance, upgrading and optimizations securing the best result. We surveil the project and secure our customer has the best fundament.